Young People Succeeding

Young people well prepared for their adult lives are essential for a community to thrive. Funded programs help children grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually into healthy, mature, and productive adults. They prepare youth to learn and work. They teach them to value education, effort, and achievement.

1999 United Way Service Statistics

  • Matched 542 youth with an adult role model (or Mentored 542 youth)
  • Made a positive influence on 570 boys in urban scouting
  • Taught 722 scouts about careers
  • Provided day care for more than 1,500 low income children so their parents can work or go to school
  • Prepared 325 pre-school children to succeed in school
  • Gave more than 2,500 youth a positive place to go after school
  • Provided shelter to 471 runaway or homeless teens
  • Tutored 300 children in an after school program
  • Improved the parenting skills of 369 teen parents
  • Helped 615 teens cope with the pressures of teen pregnancy/parenting
  • Educated 2,713 high school and 3,458 junior high school students about how to have violence free relationships
  • Helped 25 school-age children pass their proficiency tests

1999 Funding by Outcome Area

If $2.06 million is available for Young People Succeeding, United Way will support&

Child Care so that low income parents can work or go to school

Catholic Social Services


Community Childrens Center


Jewish Federation


Melissa Bess Day Care


YMCA of Dayton


YMCA of Greene County


YWCA of Dayton


Mentoring, support, education, shelter, and other services for at-risk youth

Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Boy Scouts, Miami Valley Council


Catholic Social Services




Family Service Association


Jobs for Graduates/Partnership for Youth


Lutheran Social Services


Programs to prevent problems and help local youth achieve their full potential

Boy Scouts, Tecumseh Council


Camp Fire Council, Montgomery County
4-H, & Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority


Dakota Center


Dayton Boys & Girls Club


Dayton Urban League


Family Service & Roosevelt/Westwood Neighborhood


Five Oaks Neighborhood Association


Girl Scouts, Buckeye Trails Council


Girl Scouts, Treaty Line Council


Greene County Domestic Violence Project


Legal Aid of Dayton


Miamisburg Youth Center


United Health Services


YMCA of Dayton


YMCA of Greene County


YWCA of Dayton


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