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United Way Launches Born Learning Trail
on Community Care Day

June 1, 2007, Dayton, OH - Learning happens everywhere a child goes, but parents and caregivers may not always know how to support that learning.  That won't be the case in the .
Today 25 volunteers from created the at as part of the local United Way's fourth annual Community Care Day.  This interactive trail contains signs with instructions for simple games that any adult can play with young children to turn an excursion at the park into fun learning moments.
On hand to unveil the trail were: United States Congressman , Qbase CEO , Kettering City Councilmember , Kettering City Manager , and United Way of the Greater Dayton Area President Marc Levy.
Levy annouced that plans are underway to install five more trails through Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties in the summer and fall.  Based on the latest early childhood research and approved by national early learing experts, the Born Learning Trail is designed to help adults use outdoor activities to boost language and literacy development and to help caregivers understand how best to support early learing in outdoor everyday moments.
"The Born Learning Trail promotes fun and games which are important components of early childhood learning," Levy said.  "We know that what happens in a child's early years matters for school readiness and success in life.  And we want to help parents and caregivers use everyday outings, including trips to Wenzler Park, to support that learning."
The Qbase volunteers were part of the 645 volunteers from 57 companies, organizations and the community at large who took part in Community Care Day today.  Volunteers worked at 67 project sites through the three-county area and shared 3,420 hours of service, valued at more than $60,000.

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