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Community Care Day 2003

Partner Agency Toolkit

Submitting Projects for Community Care Day 2004

Download the Agency Project Sign-Up Sheet to officially submit your projects for Community Care Day 2004.  Please use one form per project.

Submit as many projects as you'd like - this is your ultimate wish list and no project is too big or too small.  Projects will be completed based on volunteer availability and community impact.

Project Ideas:

Build park or playground
Clean center/park area: pick up garbage, remove graffiti on playground, plant garden
Build picnic/garden area for participants/residents
Paint at agency or participant homes
General maintenance at agency or participant homes (paint, mow, weed, plant flowers)
Clean picnic areas, rake, trim trees, shovel, weed
Gardening: Weeding, trimming, planting flowers
Ground clean-up/Property improvements/Exterior maintenance: Fence painting, window repairing

Install fence posts and fence
Pickup and deliver perishable food to recipient locations
Serve breakfast or lunch to clients
Facilitate activities with participants (crafts, games, stories, etc.)
Organize Donated Items

Contact Jennifer Dietsch at (937) 225-3020 or with questions.

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