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Community Care Day 2003
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All the things you wanted to know about Community Care Day... and all the reasons why you’ll want to join the FUN!
In 2003, over 500 volunteers worked at local United Way funded agencies in Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties as part of Community Care Day. Employees from 43 companies as well as local high school students took a break from the daily grind and spent the day helping those who are less fortunate and seeing first-hand how their donations are being spent.

After the blood, sweat and tears (okay, just sweat and tears of joy), the volunteers left feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing they had helped brighten someone’s day.

Community Care Day 2004
When: Wednesday, September 1, 2004

            Campaign Kick-off will be held in the morning, before the work begins!

Where: United Way Partner Agencies in Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties.

Who: Volunteer teams from local companies provide the manpower and elbow grease to get the job done for agencies and clients who lack the resources to complete them on their own.






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