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Where Does the Money Go?

Here's what the volunteers decided.


Aid to Military Families

$ 44,000

Disaster Response


Homeless Shelter & Support/Transitional Housing


Domestic Violence Shelter & Support


Family Crisis Counseling/Child Abuse Prevention


Job Training/Literacy Training


Legal Assistance/Immigration Assistance

$ 47,000

Parenting Training


Total Funding



Here's why.


Aid to Military Families, Immigration Assistance, and Parenting Training were both new programs. Without additional dollars, the volunteers felt they could not add new programs at the expense of current ones. They wanted to show support for our military families, however, so they shifted some dollars from Disaster Response, which is provided by the same Partner Agency. The rest of the areas were funded as close to the same level as the prior year as possible.


Thank you for learning how difficult it is to be a United Way fund distribution volunteer. If you would like to serving on a funding panel, please contact Linda at . If you are already a United Way donor, thank you. If you have not given and would like to make this year's decisions a little easier, please click on the Giving button at the top of this webpage to make a donation online.

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