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Can I use my Thank You letter as a proof of my gift to the IRS?
No. The Thank You letter is acknowledging your pledge to the United Way. Only documentation supporting payment of that pledge can be used for tax purposes. The IRS defines a charitable contribution as a payment, not a pledge.

If I pledge using payroll deduction, how do I prove the amount of my charitable gift?

Use your final pay stub or W2 which indicates the total amount withheld. Only if you had a single payroll deduction of $250 or more will you need a document from the United Way stating you received no goods or services in return for your contribution. Please email melanieb@dayton-unitedway.org to request this document.

I gave a cash contribution (a gift not by check, credit card, or payroll deduction). How do I prove the amount of my charitable gift?
When the gift is under $250, keep a copy of your pledge card which indicates the amount and date of the gift. If the gift is $250 or more, the United Way will send you a tax substantiation letter.

I made my payment by check or credit card. How do I prove the amount of my charitable gift?

When the gift is under $250, your cancelled check or credit card statement along with a copy of your pledge card can be used as proof of payment. If the payment is $250 or more, United Way will send you a tax substantiation letter.

What is a tax substantiation letter?
A tax substantiation letter is a document from a charitable organization that qualifies the gift amount as fully deductible since you received no gifts or services in exchange for your contribution. The letter indicates the amount of the gift as well as the tax year.

When will I receive my tax substantiation letter?
Tax substantiation letters are only sent for single payments of $250 or more. In order to reduce costs, we send all letters in January for payments received the previous year. If you have not received your letter by Feb 28th please email melanieb@dayton-unitedway.org. The IRS requires that this receipt be dated before you file your tax return. Please make sure you have this receipt before filing your taxes.

If my gift is paid by check, does the date on the check always satisfy IRS rules on when I can claim the deduction?
No. If the payment is made late in the year, the United Way uses the post mark date to determine for which tax year the substantiation letter will be sent. Otherwise the cancelled check date would be sufficient proof of the applicable tax year (please save your cancelled check or bank statement). As an added convenience to you, the United Way has the ability to receive a gift up until Midnight on 12/31. Please call 937-225-3000 to make arrangements.

I designated my gift to an agency through the United Way. Do I need a separate receipt from the agency?
No. The IRS only recognizes the charitable organization to which the dollars are paid directly. A receipt from the designated agency will NOT be accepted by the IRS. If you've received a document from the designated agency, this is simply an acknowledgment of your pledge.

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