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IT Matters.

The United Way and its Partners Strive to Stay Technologically Up-To-Date

Like any for-profit business, nonprofits need to utilize technology to keep costs low, meet the needs of clients who use technology daily, and to share their message with donors.  Unfortunately the costs and expertise needed to use technology is often beyond the means of United Way Agencies.  The demands for service provision leave little money left over for infrastructure.

Fortunately the Miami Valley is rich in technical expertise with many technologically innovative businesses and individuals who have time and/or equipment to share.  The United Way community wants to be able to draw on that expertise.  We need your volunteer time and donations. 

We are doing this in cooperation with Radio host Brad Proctor who has agreed to let us air our request periodicall on his show.

Basic needs that are always in demand include:

  • Equipment
    • New or used - such as computers, servers, LCD projectors
    • If you are upgrading your equipment to see if your older items can be put to use.  Often your retired equipment is as good as, or better than, that installed at nonprofit agencies.
  • Manpower for short term jobs
    • When equipment is donated, the agency often need s help with installation.
    • Many agencies could use your expertise to perform a technology assessment.
    • Can you build a database or word templates?  Agencies often can use this help.
  • Longer term volunteers
    • Small agencies can benefit from help with server maintenance, desktop maintenance or web site development and maintenance.
    • Training - Agencies rely on staff and volunteers with various levels of expertise.  You can help them make best use of the technology they have.
  • Software
    • Harder to hand-down, but if you have extra licenses donations can be arranged.

The following specific needs were discussed on the February 20

To fill these needs contact the person listed in the file or

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