News Brief - September 14, 1999

Faith Week

United Way is inviting the faith community to celebrate the spirit of United Way during "Faith Week", October 4 - 10, 1999.

All across Montgomery, Greene, and Preble Counties, faith leaders, denominational organizations, and affiliated faith groups have enthusiastically come forward to endorse the United Way Campaign. The support comes because faith groups and United Way have much in common - we both care deeply about the quality of human life.

As United Way completes its first ever "Faith Week", we should all be reminded of those in our community who need our help now more than ever. Below is just one example of how United Way is making a difference in our community.


Respecting Our Elders

Multiple Choice
What is the scariest thing listed below?
1. The movie The Birds.
2. Tarantulas.
3. Being old and alone.
Answer: #3
Yes, being old and alone is scary.

Many seniors deal with a number of serious issues, not the least of which is utter loneliness. Fortunately, because of the Senior Outreach Program at the Jewish Federation funded by United Way, the latter years of life for many are less frightening.

Just ask Anne Coplan.
Anne has seen The Birds, but says - with a sheepish grin - that she's a bigger fan of Titanic. At 90 years old, she has been utilizing the outreach program for 21 years. In fact, she was present the day officials broke ground on the impressive facility located near the Salem Mall. At the time, she provided the impetus for the program, organizing activities on her own. Today she's an integral part of the Programming Committee which works with staff to offer the seniors the now-popular line dancing, the traditional favorite Bingo, and the much-needed health education.

Anne doesn't miss anyone's birthday. And she always makes the new people feel welcome. Basically if someone needs something, she gets it done. Oh, and one more thing, she is the unofficial advisor to the paid staff on just about everything.

"I'm the boss lady!"

The beauty of this program, says Anne, is that it is not limited to the walls of the complex. The volunteer drivers from Jewish Family Services that transport her and others to the Federation three days a week also chauffeur her to the grocery store and doctors' appointments. It is wonderful for elderly shut-ins who don't want to stay at home.

Anne admits that when she leaves in the afternoon, she takes the Center's warmth and camaraderie home with her - to make life a little less scary.

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