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Accessing Technology Matters.

Having access to a computer and understanding how to use a computer can mean the difference between a job that pays some of the bills and a job that helps individuals and families become self-sufficient. 

The dream of owning a computer is becoming a reality for many in the Miami Valley, thanks to a partnership between United Way of the Greater Dayton Area, NCR and the Ohio Technology Access Project.  This partnership is providing computers to individuals and nonprofit organizations that don't have the resources to purchase new computers.   

How does owning a computer change lives for individuals and nonprofit organizations?

  • Computer proficiency opens the door to new career opportunities
  • Online access to job postings
  • Online job applications
  • Complete homework assignments and research
  • Increases efficiency and reduces overhead costs for organizations




How does the partnership work?

  • NCR Corporation donates working computers that no longer fulfill their system

    requirements to OTAP.

  • OTAP ensures that the computers are in working order and prepares them for purchase.


If you are interested in purchasing a computer from OTAP, please download the attached application forms and submit to:

Ohio Technology Access Project
119 Valley Street

Dayton, OH 45404

(937) 222-2755

Individual Application

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in purchasing computers from OTAP, please download the attached application forms and submit to:

Bruce Brown, Vice President, I&T


fax: 937-225-3074

Agency Application



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