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Message from Steve Ley, 2004 Campaign Chair

Dear Neighbor...

As we approach Thanksgiving and the spirit of this holiday, I would like to express – on behalf of the volunteers, staff, partner agencies, and most importantly those who are helped – our deepest appreciation for each of you who have participated in our local United Way Campaign. Your gifts through United Way support a variety of vital health and human service organizations to provide a core safety net for those most in need in Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties.


Last year your United Way adopted three broad priority areas that demonstrate what we are about. This year, based on a comprehensive assessment of local needs and assets, we have identified some initial areas of focus under these priorities to guide program funding in 2005 to 2008. We have also shared them with the media and highlighted the recommendations in this report to stimulate community dialogue – around defining the core services essential to our quality of life and identifying disturbing trends that are unacceptable to us as a caring community.


Your local United Way campaign is about supporting our children and families. It is about caring for our most vulnerable neighbors. It is about our capacity as a community to be able to respond to needs – whether precipitated by a disaster or ongoing societal conditions. And it is about our willingness to act right here in our community for our community.


We're facing some very, very serious challenges in our community because of the shifts in government funding of health and human services at the same time needs are growing. Violence, basic survival needs, the growing frail elderly population, and positive outlets for our youth are just a few of the many issues of which we're all very aware.


That's why it is essential to respond as a community in a planned and thoughtful way. It is why our community needs a successful campaign now more than ever on behalf of our neighbors most in need. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have the means to share can step up to the challenges our community faces – by digging a little deeper if you have already given or joining in the power of a collective effort if you have not.


Because it's only what we can do together as a community that can really make a difference … to help those in need not only at this time of year but throughout the year. There is so much good that we can do and so much good that is being done. So please help make more “good things” happen by working in a united way and giving through the United Way.


Thank you.


Marc R. Levy




This is your United Way and your opinions matter. To share your thoughts, you may contact Marc directly at 225-3014 or .

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