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Community Solutions Fund

The value of the Community Solutions Fund is that it supports a network of health and human services.   With these dollars, United Way:

Ensures your contribution is well spent …to meet local needs.

Focuses on priorities …to address growing needs and prevent problems in our community.

Achieves visible results … providing accountability for how the dollars are spent.


Your local United Way ensures these promises on behalf of our Partner Agencies too.


Working together we can do more than we can alone...

"  There are many different needs and most people need help from more than one agency.

"  Collaboration increases effectiveness and reduces fragmentation/duplication of service.

"  It is more efficient; it lowers fundraising and overhead costs so that agencies can direct their resources to providing services (which is what they do best).

"  It helps fill gaps between needs and resources.

"  It multiplies your contribution to make a greater impact.


Areas of Need

United Way is committed to ensuring that your dollars go towards addressing the Miami Valley's most critical health and human service priorities in an efficient and effective manner.   Through a process that involves more than one hundred local volunteers, United Way directs funds to Partner Agency programs that have demonstrated success in one of three priority areas: Children, Youth and Families, Positive Living for Vulnerable Populations and Community Capacity.  

Partner Agencies are members of United Way's local network of services.  United Way Partner Agecies meet the highest standards and have proven track records for delivering quality services that produce results. Partners are eligible to apply for funding grants from United Way’s Community Solutions Fund.  To apply for funds, these programs must have an outcome evaluation system which measures the impact their services have on the most critical priorities in our community.   Local volunteers carefully review all grant proposals before making funding decisions.  Programs that receive funding are evalutated throughout the year to ensure that the proposed results are being achieved. 

The Labor Movement has always meant more than wages, hours and working conditions.   It means taking care of each other and taking care of our communities.

Located at the United Way of Greater Dayton Area, the AFL-CIO Community Services Department has two dedicated and committed, full-time Labor Liaisons who work toward making a difference within Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties.

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