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Agreement of Participation
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United Way Health and Human Services Definition

Working together matters.

To become a United Way Partner Agency, your organization's primary mission and purpose, as documented by the by-laws and deliverables, must be to provide a health or human service, as described in the .


Any health or Human Service Organization may apply to be a United Way Partner. Applications are accepted throughout the year. However, if your organization is to be listed on all 2006 United Way Campaign materials, your application for partnership must be received by January 9, 2006. For information on applying for partnership, please read below. Feel free to contact Linda Roepken at (937) 225-3039 or for additional information.


To be a United Way Partner Agency, your organization's primary mission and purpose as documented in the by-laws and deliverables must be to provide a health or human service , (see United Way Health and Human Services Definition.) If this fits your organization, and you choose to apply, please submit the documentation specified in the Standards for Partner Agencies (including either your most recent BBB certificate or accreditation letter from an approved accrediting organization). Please also submit any existing policies or plans that you may have related to the three additional standards on nondiscrimination, diversity and ethics.


All of this documentation is only necessary if you wish to be a Partner with the United Way as specified in the 2006 Agreement of Participation so you can understand the mutual benefits and responsibilities of United Way Partnership. The 2006 Agreement of Participation should not be signed until after you have received confirmation that the Standards were met and your organization is approved by as a Partner by United Way 's Organizational Review Committee, Community Partnerships Council, and the Board of Directors. In addition you must sign the Patriot Act Compliance Form.



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