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333 West First Street, Suite 500
Dayton, OH 45402

Provides free legal assistance in civil cases for eligible low income, disabled and elderly individuals and groups in Montgomery County .


Programs funded with your donations

Program Name
Program Description
2004 Funding
Handicapped and Elderly Law Project The primary goal is to provide legal advice and
representation on a broad range of issues affecting the elderlyand disabled. 
Legal Education for Youth Project Issue recognition of problems as having legal aspects for which Legal Aid might be able to provide advice or representation, knowledge gained helps prevent some legal problems from responsibility occurring, reduction of school violence and disruption from bullying and sexual harassment, and career encouragement for youths concerning the legal
profession as attorneys or paralegals.
Legal Intervention for Families in Trouble Improve the safety and stability of needy families and
households through legal advice and representation to individual clients in a wide variety of civil cases, education in the community, and advocacy on systemic issues that affect large groups of persons.


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