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Looking for ways to tell your employees more about United Way agencies and services? United Way offers a variety of proven resources to help you plan, promote and conduct your United Ways campaign.


One of the best campaign resources you have is your United Way staff representative or Loaned Executive (LE). United Ways experienced staff and LEs can help you from start to finish, providing assistance with planning and implementing your campaign. Your representative can:


United Way has a thought-provoking and touching 1998 Campaign video available to show your employees. This video illustrates United Ways Outcome Areas and how your donation makes a powerful positive impact on people in the Miami Valley. To reserve a copy for your company kickoff or event, contact your United Way Campaign Representative or call United Ways Marketing department at (937) 225-3037 or

HELPFUL HINT: In addition to showing the campaign video at an employee rally, try setting up a video monitor (or TV & VCR) in a break room or conference room at your place of business. Invite employees to a "Brown Bag Premiere" at which you show the video informally. Or post a "Movie Schedule" around break times in your office and run the video during breaks.


Want a great way to enhance your campaign? Invite a United Way speaker to your rally or meeting. Members of the Speakers Network can speak on a variety of topics including United Ways impact in the community.
Other speakers include agency staff or volunteers and people who have received services from a United Way supported agency. They truly speak from the heart about United Way services and the impact they have in peoples lives.
Remember, if at all possible, allow at least 5 working days when scheduling your speaker. To schedule a speaker, contact United Ways Marketing department at (937) 225-3037 or


Agency tours are one of the most effective and impactful activities you can use in your United Way campaign. Employees have the opportunity to see first-hand how their contributions are working to make the lives of others better and to renew their enthusiasm for the upcoming campaign.
Many companies schedule tours of a variety of agencies so employees can choose which agency to visit. If it does not work to schedule tours for your staff as a whole, we strongly encourage you and your team of volunteers to tour an agency. Then you can share what you saw with your fellow workers.


Many companies use agency fairs as a way to bring United Way services to their employees. Agencies can come to your place of business and set up displays with literature about their services. These work well when set up in high traffic areas, so lots of people can get a look at several agencies.

HELPFUL HINT: Give each employee an invitation to the fair. Tell the employees to have the card stamped or initialed at each booth. Employees who get their cards stamped from each booth are eligible for a drawing.



A set of standard printed materials are included with your campaign supplies. These include: United Way campaign brochures, campaign posters (3 versions), pledge cards, NFL Schedules, campaign thermometer, and the Guide to Agency Services.

HELPFUL HINT: Your new employees and retirees are an excellent resource to enhance your campaign success. If a new hires and retiree solicitation program is not already in place, consider implementing one.

Other printed materials available from United Way include New Hires Packets, and brochures to help you conduct a leadership campaign.
If you need additional printed materials, contact your United Way representative at (937) 225-3044.


Employee awareness is key to conducting a successful campaign. And publicity is an important way to make employees aware of United Way and to educate them about the facts surrounding United Way and funded agencies. Campaign publicity helps create interest, generate enthusiasm, inform, motivate and thank your employees.
Start by choosing a theme to incorporate into your materials and then build from that theme.
Next, include a plan for publicity in your campaign plans. Work with your campaign team and/or whomever is responsible for communicating to employees in your organization. There are many inexpensive ways you can communicate, so get your creative juices flowing. Try some of these popular ways to spread the news about United Way:


The information contained in your Campaign Kit should give you most of what you need to prepare your campaign publicity.
Use the United Way At A Glance and Facts & Figures sections of the Campaign Kit as well as the Guide to Agency Services for:

HELPFUL HINT: Your company doesnt publish a company newsletter? Then create a special United Way newsletter to distribute to employees. Many word processing programs have newsletter templates or "Wizards". All you have to do is fill in the copy. Personalize the newsletter for your company, and use the material from your kit. Its easy, informative and inexpensive to produce!

REMEMBER TO USE THE SAME EFFORT IN THANKING YOUR EMPLOYEES ONCE THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER! Send a thank you letter to employees who gave. Use flyers, posters or E-Mail to communicate your results, announce contest winners, and recognize your team.