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Outcome Partners - D

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0022 Dakota Center
Provides recreational, educational, cultural and social activities to families, especially youth in Inner West Dayton and its periphery.
0023 Daybreak
Emergency shelter, food, counseling and support services for homeless, runaway, and pushed out youth. Also: crisis hotline, transitional housing, substance abuse and violence prevention programming.
0026 Dayton Boys & Girls Club
A Youth Development agency providing programs designed to foster self esteem, promote character, leadership, self reliance, educational growth and productive citizenship.
0028 Dayton Urban League
Provides comprehensive employment assistance and a full range of services to youth including teen parenting, male responsibility, violence prevention, and leadership skills.
3733 Dayton Urban Ministry Center
Initiate and foster programs to enhance family life in an impoverished neighborhood; increasing self-sufficiency/improving quality of life, reducing crime/violence, and improving physical/environmental