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United Way - the One Way to Help the Most

Why give to your local United Way?

United Way's focus on outcomes is achieving real results.
Knowledgeable volunteers working with the expert professional staff evaluated more than 130 programs in Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties. They made recommendations to fund only the most vital and effective - to ensure that your money will be well spent and to help the people who need it most.

Your help stays close to home. When you give to the United Way, your money stays right here in the Miami Valley, supporting local health and human service agencies in our community. Take a look around. You can see your donation at work in the city and the suburbs - improving the quality of life for all of us.

United Way is a leader and a partner in improving our community. United Way is uniquely positioned to provide leadership to ensure that the most important health and human service needs are met. With the strength of thousands of local contributors and volunteers, United Way works in partnership with government, business, and other human service organizations to stretch and leverage resources and multiply the impact of every dollar.

Giving to United Way works. Among charitable organizations, United Way stands out because we raise funds efficiently. United Way's overhead costs are low & our accountability standards are high. United Way puts more of your money to work, so when you give, you can feel great about making a difference.

Your support is needed now more than ever. Good things are happening in our community! Yet, many of our neighbors still need the help made possible by your gift to the United Way. A successful United Way campaign will give our community one more thing to celebrate and will contribute to the revitalization of our region. Please give as generously as you can. Thank you!

Make the Choice that Makes the Biggest Impact & Support the Community Fund and Outcome Areas. Please make an undesignated gift or direct all or part of your gift to the Community Fund and/or Outcome Areas.

In this section you will see exactly how United Way will spend these dollars to achieve specific outcomes. If there are sufficient dollars for the Community Fund and Outcome Areas after United Way has honored all designations to System Partners and our multi-year transition contract with the American Red Cross, the funds will be distributed as outlined here. Some programs will not be funded at all and others will have to be reduced if the campaign goal is not met or designations to specific agencies increase as a percent of the total campaign.

Outcome Area Codes
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