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Young People Succeeding
Young people well prepared for their adult lives are essential for a community to thrive. Funded programs help children grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually - into healthy, mature, and productive adults. They prepare youth to learn and work. They teach them to value education, effort, and achievement.
Code: 9990
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Stable Families
A strong community respects and supports families of all types. Funded programs improve family relationships to give each member a sense of well being, belonging, and safety. Programs also prevent child abuse and family violence, come to the aid of its victims, and support families facing a crisis of any type.
Code: 9992
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Economic Self-Sufficiency
Every citizen deserves the maximum opportunity to achieve economic independence. Employers, workers, the unemployed and underemployed must work together to create a labor market that provides a living wage and minimizes barriers to employment. Programs provide training, skill development, and job placement, especially for disadvantaged or disabled adults.
Code: 9991
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Safe and Supportive Neighborhoods
Everyone deserves to live, work, and play in a healthy and safe environment. Strong neighborhoods contribute to success in work and school. Programs encourage residents to get involved in community improvement projects, nurturing leadership skills and building on local strengths. They provide training, tools, and resources to help revitalize neighborhoods.
Code: 9995
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Healthy People
Healthy people of all ages are the foundation of a thriving community. Programs encourage everyone - and especially those at risk to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves or those entrusted to their care. They help people live with lifelong illness. Information and motivation is provided to avoid preventable health problems.
Code: 9993
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Positive Living for Special Populations
The true test of a community's character is how well it cares for its most vulnerable members. Funded programs provide a full range of services for the elderly and for children and adults with disabilities that allow them to live as independently as possible and enhance their quality of life.
Code: 9994
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Nonprofit Network
To ensure that people in need receive the highest quality of help, services must be coordinated. Funded programs support a regional information network, volunteerism, and joint efforts to reduce fragmentation and duplication. They encourage working together and provide training to enhance each nonprofit agency's ability to serve people in need.
Code: 9996
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