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HelpLink™ 211 is now accessible Online

You can now access HelpLink's comprehensive database online.  Please consider this a beta version, some features, such as the keyword search, do not work yet.  Most programs are also missing their descriptions.  Access the site here.

HelpLink™ 211 �s Database

HelpLink�s comprehensive resource database contains information used to make the referrals to all health and human services in Greene, Montgomery and Preble counties. � The information in the resource database lists each distinct service provided by an organization. � For each of these we list fees, eligibility information, area served, hours of operation, program description and service sites. � Agency information and programs are updated on a daily basis with changes provided to HelpLink by the agency. � This ensures that the caller receives the most current and accurate information.


HelpLink™ 211 Services

The large, computerized database along with the skilled professional staff available 24 hours a day enable HelpLink� to provide additional "linking" services to the community. Those additional services are: �


After-hours Answering Service

HelpLink provides an after-hours answering service to other human service providers. � This service helps agencies respond to their client�s needs while cutting down on personnel costs. Agency phones are forwarded to HelpLink and answered by skilled staff. � Messages can be forwarded to on-call supervisors or passed along the next business day.


Specialized Lists and Mailing Labels

Do you need information on agencies serving youth, senior services, etc. in your county or local area? � Do you need a lists and/or mailing labels for the area�s non-profits? � HelpLink can provide specialized list and/or mailing labels tailored to your needs. � Just call our Database Supervisor at (937) 910-6014 for more information.


Reports and Statistics

Reports about the health and human needs throughout the community based on the needs expressed by HelpLink� callers are shared with funders and planners to help shape how service dollars are used and what services are needed. �



HelpLink links people to people and helps assure that clients get the services they need. � This role also links the data we collect about human service needs in the community with service providers so they can better address those needs.


Directory of Community Services

For individuals and agencies, who provide services to those individuals/families in need, HelpLink publishes a Directory of Community Services . �� This directory is a compilation of local and national agencies and the services they provide. � At this time we are updating a new version of Directory of Community Services . � The directory should be available for purchase by August 2003. � Check our website for updated information on our directory. � If you�re interested in obtaining a copy of our Directory of Community Services please click here


We Need Your Input!!
Currently we are updating our Directory of Community Services for publication later this year. �� At this time, HelpLink is determining which media of our directory would best serve those who provide services to those individuals/families in need.

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