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Key West , a musical group with a flair for the party atmosphere, performs a mix of songs appealing to all ages (providing the listeners are �young at heart�). The 6-member band has been together since 1994 performing at numerous festivals, pool parties, charity functions and private events around the Dayton area. Key West offers a wide selection of Jimmy Buffett-style party songs, along with a mix of oldies, blues and a �little bit� of country. Generally the band encourages their audiences to �dress the part�. Parrot Heads, the term used to refer to Jimmy Buffett fans, know the proper attire as anything colorful or crazy especially with a Caribbean flair.


Band members include: Peggy Cook (keyboards and vocals), Alan Cotterman (drums), Paul Grabiel (bass guitar and vocals), Kathy Pitstick (congas and percussion), Jim Pitstick (lead guitar and vocals), and Ron Schroeder (rhythm guitar and vocals).

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