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We welcome the opportunity to serve the Greene County residents and help make our community a better place to live, work and play. If you have a question regarding the Greene County United Way Campaign, your donation, or a specific program or service please send us an e-mail - we'd love to hear from you.

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Michael Moore, Associate,
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A Conversation with Dale Collins
1999 Greene County
United Way Campaign Chair

Dale Collins, President & CEO, Elano Corporation, and Chairman of the 1999 Greene County United Way Campaign, discusses his views on United Way, the campaign and how the health and human services organization is making an impact in Greene County.

Q: How did you become involved in the United Way Campaign?

A: I've been an active volunteer and supporter of United Way for over 10 years. To be honest, my first experience was because someone asked me to help, but once I learned about United Way, I got hooked.

Q: Why do you donate to the United Way?

A: The first reason is that I'm confident that the dollars I give will stay in the community and will be used as intended and secondly, a one-time contribution covers may different agencies. If all of the agencies were responsible for their own fund raising, the donors would be overwhelmed about all the appeals for help. United Way is a convenient and responsible way to give.

Q: As a business professional, how would you describe the financial integrity of the United Way?

A: United Way agencies and the United Way itself are audited under the same rigorous accounting principle's that businesses are. Their audit records and annual statements are always available for public scrutiny.

Q: As the 1999 Greene County Chair, what is your primary goal for this year's United Way Campaign?

A: I would like to reach more businesses and individuals who have not become involved with United Way. Amazingly, less than half of all businesses and individuals participate in a United Way campaign.

Q: How do you believe United Way impacts our community?

A: Private enterprise would only provide services if there is a reasonable profit to be gained. United Way, on the other hand, provides services to people that otherwise couldn't afford to pay. This raises the level of everyone in the community and makes Greene County a better place to live.

Q: In what ways has the United Way improved our community?

A: United Way fills gaps and voids where help and services would not otherwise be provided. For example, the child care programs that United Way funded agencies gives all children in the Greene County a chance to succeed.

Q: What challenges do you see for the United Way and the
Greene County community as we enter the new millennium?

A: United Way will be an important factor in helping people achieve self-sufficiency. With new legislation such as Welfare reform on the horizon, the next millennium will see United Way helping people over the rough spots in their lives so they can become contributors to the success of Greene County

Q: How do you think United Way is prepared to handle those challenges?

A: United Way Volunteers come from all walks of life and every facet of community life. The volunteers know what needs to be done and are in the best possible position to identify priority needs.

Q: Why do you think it is important for the business sector to support the United Way?

A: Business is measured on results and United Way is being measured on results. For the first time in my memory, United Way is being viewed less as a charitable organization and more as a provider of strategic services to the community. The Business Sector has a responsibility to support this effort.

Q: What are your thoughts on Outcome Based Funding and why is it so important to our community?

A: It marks the first time where United Way Volunteers in Greene County decide which United Way supported agencies are funding. Outcome Base Funding forces agencies to focus on their results in order to justify more funding.

Q: What is the most important thing you believe a donor needs to know about his or her gift to the United Way?

A: United Way is among the top charities in the U.S. in terms of the percentage of money contributed that actually is put to use helping the community. Most United Way workers are unpaid volunteers like you and me, keeping costs low. A donor needs to know that the hard-earned money they contribute is actually going towards its intended purpose.

UW Logo 1999 Greene County Campaign Cabinet

Dale Collins, President & CEO, Elano Corporation - Chair
Sandy Anderson, Executive Vice President & COO, Greene Memorial Hospital
T. Shawn Campbell, Gr. Co. Commissioner
Bob Collett, Vice President, Elano Corporation
Curt Gwaltney, Director - Dayton Operations, Innolog
Eric Ulmes, Director of Secondary Education, Gr. Co. Career Center
Bob Glaser, Mayor of Beavercreek
Cindy Minton, Executive Director, Gr. Co. Domestic Violence Project
John Saraga, Mayor of Xenia
Richard Weis, Vice President, Elano Corporation

UW Logo 1999 Greene County Advisory Board

Greene County Advisory Board is a committee of the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area's Board of Directors. It's mission is to increase the organized capacity of people in Greene County to care for one another. The committee advocates for the donors and recipients of Greene County in the following activities:

Sandy Anderson, Executive VP & COO, Greene Memorial Hospital - Chair
Dr. Robert Smith, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Fairborn - Vice Chair
Ben Grooms, Community Volunteer
Sue Giga, Executive Director, Gr. Co. Family & Children First Council
John L. Henderson, President,
Bill Ellinger, Human Resources, Elano Corporation
Edward "Ted" Nieland, Sr. Communications Consultant,
Jerry Pfeifer, Manager, Fairborn Location,
Fred Romine, Labor Representative,
Steve Zimmer, Vice President, Finance & Administration, Systech Environmental Corp.
Michael Zwick, President, Beavercreek Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Greene County United Way located?
Who oversees the Greene County United Way?
What are Greene County United Way's overhead costs?
Who are the agencies in Greene County that will receive funding from the 1999 Campaign?

Where is the Greene County United Way office located?
We're conveniently located in the center of Xenia. Our Office Hours at 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. Our office address is:

100 W. Main St.
Lower Level
Xenia, OH 45385-2915
Phone: 937-426-4008 or 937-376-5555
Fax: 937-372-5547

Who oversees the Greene County United Way?
Our United Way is governed by an advisory board of area volunteers who are leaders from communities throughout Greene County. We're a local, independent nonprofit organization.

What are Greene County United Way's overhead costs?
Because we rely heavily on volunteer leadership, we are able to maintain a low overhead. Out administrative cost is only 16 cents of every dollar. That means that more of your donation goes directly to helping people.

Who are the agencies in Greene County that will receive funding from the 1999 Campaign?

For the first time, United Way will be funding programs from Greene County agencies based upon their Outcomes. Each agency requesting funding for one or more of their programs presented a proposal to a committee of volunteers from Greene County (Greene County Outcome Team). These volunteers reviewed the proposals, made sure they met the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charitable Giving, heard presentations from each program and then determined the funding for the Year 2000. This is the first year where all fund distribution decisions were made locally. We hope to fund the following agencies:


UW Logo 1999 Greene County Outcome Team
Dr. Kent Youngman, Gr. Co. Education Service Center, Chair
Beth Anderson, Drake Center, Vice Chair, Fund Distribution
Rhonda Reagh, Gr. Co. Children Services Board, Vice Chair, Advocacy
Andre Bognar, Yellow Springs Senior Center
Bill Ellinger, Elano Corporation
Tom Feller, Gr. Co. YMCA
Martha Gardin, Executive Director, Greene County District Library
Robert Gran, Universal Technology Corporation
Frank Hughes, SuperValu Stores, Inc.
Cindy Minton, Gr. Co. Domestic Violence Project
Michael Stephens, Greene Memorial Hospital
Gloria Wolff, Community Volunteer

United Way of Greene County Success Story

Everyday United Way helps numerous people in the community. Have your kids ever belonged to the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts? Has your grandmother ever needed help with transportation to a doctor's appointment and received it through Golden Age Senior Citizens Center? Do you know someone whose house burned down and they received shelter and clothing from the American Red Cross? These are only a few examples of the many ways United Way makes a difference in the community.

Following is a true story of how United Way helped a local mother named Betty remain self-sufficient. Her last name is not used for her privacy and that of her children, but here is her story in her own words.

"I am so thankful for the scholarship at the Xenia YMCA for daycare for my children. I was getting some help with daycare from the Department of Human Services and when that stopped, I knew that I could not afford to pay for my daycare and I was scared to death that I would end up losing my job because I would not have someone to care for my children while I was at work.

I went to the Greene County Career Center to get my GED and after I accomplished that I decided to go back to the Greene County Career Center to get an education in the medical field, so I worked very hard to get the job that I have and I was scared to death that with all the hard work and effort that I would end up losing my job anyway.

When I first got my job, the Department of Human Services said that they would help with daycare for the first year, but after six months they took me off the program. I was frantic and I went to (a staff member at the YMCA of Greene County) and asked her how can they set up a payment arrangement at the YMCA so that I could continue to let my kids go there, and she got the scholarship through the United way.

I think the YMCA is a wonderful program for children and I am so thankful that my kids are a part of the program. If United Way would not have helped me, I would have lost my job. Thank you very much."

Real stories like Betty's happen every day throughout Greene County thanks to generous support of the United Way. This year's Greene County United Way Campaign is underway now. Organizers hope to wrap up the fund drive by the third week in October. Final results will be announced November 16th.

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