Universal Service Assistance Program

Universal Service Assistance (USA) Program

Ameritech USA makes phone service even more affordable.

Because phone service is so important in today’s world, Ameritech believes everyone should have access to it. Ameritech offers two USA plans to make basic phone service even more affordable for qualified customers. USA Plan 1 is designed for customers who want the lowest monthly rate with just a basic phone line, while USA Plan 2 allows customers to have additional services and features. Both Plan 1 and Plan 2 offer its customers free line connection and require no deposit for local service.

Eligibility for Universal Services Assistance Plan is dependant upon Applicant’s participation in one or more programs.

View the Ameritech Ohio Service Assistance (USA) Application and Self-Certification form in pdf format.

To qualify a household must participate in one of the following:
 USA Plan 1  USA Plan 2
Food Stamps
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)  
Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (E-HEAP)  
Federal Public Housing or Section 8  
Ohio Works First    
Disability Assistance    

Benefits  USA Plan 1  USA Plan 2
Discount on line connection 100% 100%
Waiver of deposit for local service
Payment arrangements on outstanding balances
Monthly discount on basic service charge 10.20 ($122.40 annual savings 6.75 ($73.20 annual savings)
Optional toll restriction at no charge**
Optional services available (caller id, call waiting, etc.)  
Optional blocking of pay-per-use services (call forwarding, 3-way calling) Automatically blocked Blocking is optional
Optional blocking of 900 and 976 numbers
Additional lines allowed*  

* Lifeline plan benefits are only applicable on the phone line at the customer’s primary place of residence.

** If customer has an outstanding toll debt, toll restriction is required unless the customer gets assigned to another toll provider.

NOTE: Social Security, PIP, and Medicare DO NOT QUALIFY

Eligibility is also based on ALL of the following:

" Telephone service is listed in Applicant’s Name
" Applicant is not listed as a dependent on another person’s tax return
" The address is listed is Applicant’s primary residence, not a second home or business

NOTE: If caller does not have a telephone number, they will need to call the 800 numbers to apply for service

For questions regarding the USA Program, please call:
HelpLink(tm) Information and Referral Service
(937) 225-3000
1-800-91REACH (73224)
TDD (937) 910-6040

or call Ameritech at 1-800-335-USA1 (1-800-335-8721)

For service in Spanish: 1-800-910-1030.
For TTY service: 1-800-980-4889.

You can also reach HelpLink" by emailing