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United Way Trivia


United Way funded donations help a lot of local people in need, but how much do you really know about your United Way?   Test your knowledge below and find out some interesting facts about how your donation through United Way of the Greater Dayton Area helps our neighbors in need.



  1. United Way of the Greater Dayton Area serves what area(s) in our community?
    1. Montgomery County
    2. Greene County
    3. Preble County
    4. All of the above               (Answer)


  1. What year was United Way of the Greater Dayton Area established?
    1. 1944
    2. 1923
    3. 1914                                           (Answer)
    4. 1993


  1. How many agencies are receiving funding from the Community Solutions Fund through United Way in 2003?
    1. 73
    2. 25
    3. 49                                           (Answer)
    4. 52



  1. Where do dollars go that are given through the local United Way?
    1. Bermuda and other foreign countries assisting with worldwide problems and disasters.
    2. Nationally, helping with a variety of issues and disasters.
    3. Locally, helping people in Montgomery, Greene, and Preble Counties who need help.                             (Answer)
    4. All of the above




  1. How does United Way allocate funds to the community?
    1. The executives of United Way make the decisions as to what agencies will be funded.
    2. The United Way Board carefully considers all applications from agencies and decides who will be funded.
    3. Over 100 local volunteers personally speak to the agency representatives, review their financial statements, program objectives and goals attained, and make the funding decisions.               (Answer)
    4. The names are put in a hat and drawn.


  1. Which of the following statements best describes our local United Way?
    1. An organization that runs advertisements with football stars on Sunday afternoons.
    2. A political organization that is easily swayed by special interest groups.
    3. One of 1,400 organizations' across the country that is independent from each other and managed by a local volunteer board of directors that raises money for a network of agencies to serve the community by targeting the critical needs of its residents.                             (Answer)
    4. An organization that unites people to help only one agency.


  1. Which agency is funded by our local United Way?
    1. Salvation Army
    2. Project READ
    3. Wesley Community Center
    4. All of the above                             (Answer)



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