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A Leadership Campaign is a special effort to encourage employees to become members of the United Way Leadership Circle by making an annual gift of $1,500 or more to United Way.

1.    Show Your Support

The CEO commits to a “parallel” Leadership Campaign in addition to an employee campaign.

The CEO appoints a Leadership Chair to design an effective method of solicitation.   The Leadership Chair is preferably a well-respected member of the organization and a current Leadership giver.

The Leadership Chair and the Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) work closely for optimum results.

2.    Make the request

Determine who to invite into the Leadership Circle based on employee compensation and/or position within the organization.   Companies typically target members of the management team, employees with salaries of at least $40,000, and/or current $500+ United Way donors.

Host a gathering of all Leadership contributors and prospects.   Choose strong key speakers such as your CEO and a United Way Agengy representative.   Please consult with your United Way staff person to design an effective program that compliments your organizational style.

Distribute Leadership Circle brochures.   Each brochure contains a CD that individuals can view on their computer.

Promote the Step-up program which enables individuals to receive immediate recognition while spreading out their financial commitment.   Please see the brochure, CD or website for more information and a form.

The Young Leaders Circle will appeal to contributors of $1,000 or more that are age 45 or younger.   Details are in the Leadership brochure, CD and website.

United Way allows gifts of stock.   Please call 225-3061 for details.

Peer-to-peer requests for consideration can be effective.

Give employees time for consideration, then ask them to make their pledge.   The ECC will have pledge forms or employees may donate through the CD or website.

3.   Thank your employees

Return Pledge and Step-up forms to ensure that United Way properly acknowledges and thanks each contributor for their generosity.

Send a personal thank you note to contributors and those who volunteered their time and resources.

Host a reception to acknowledge and thank Leadership contributors.

Inform contributors that they will receive a request to be recognized in United Way's Leadership Book which is published every Spring.

Advise United Way when there are changes in the employment status of Leadership Givers such as retirement so we may offer them other giving options that may be more appropriate.


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