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Financial Statements

Forms 990 and 990-EZ are information returns used by tax-exempt organizations (and others) who record incomes of $25,000 or greater. These forms are required to be filed annually with the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service designed the form to ensure non-profits report all monies flowing through the organization and the destination of these funds.

The public often relies on this document as the main source of information about a non-profit and its activities. United Way of the Greater Dayton area is fully compliant with state and federal regulations monitoring non-profits. By publishing this document on our web site we wish to demonstrate transparency and accountability to our constituents. We encourage these stakeholders to also read our community report that better describes how money is making an impact. We thereby achieve results in meeting our vision to improve the quality of life in the Miami Valley through human services by building on community strengths.

Financial Statements:

FY 2005 990

2004 990

2003 990

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