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United Way’s HelpLink™ Partners with UFCW Local 1099 and Meijer To Provide Traveler’s Aid for Inventing Flight


Thursday, July 3, 2003 – With the huge influx of out-of-town visitors expected to attend the many activities planned for the Inventing Flight Celebration over the next three weeks, United Way of the Greater Dayton Area and its funded agencies have teamed with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1099 and Meijer to meet unexpected emergency needs – and ensure every visitor has a positive experience.

“You never know what might happen,” United Way President Marc R. Levy said.   “A diaper bag could get lost or a wallet stolen, and the person might not have the resources to return safely home.”   Levy said that United Way anticipated the need for increased traveler’s aide services for the Inventing Flight Celebration and offered to coordinate a response.

A traveler facing such an emergency can call HelpLink, 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week at 937-913-2003.   Social workers will assess the need.   If the need is verified, a system is in place to provide emergency resources such as gasoline, a meal, diapers, or medicine – to tide the family or individual over until they can return home.   United Way funded agencies are also on call if any additional special service might be required.

The HelpLink phone number and information card has been provided to local law enforcement personnel, all local hotels and motels, as well as is included in the training packets for Inventing Flight volunteers.

Participating United Way partner agencies included the American Red Cross, Catholic Social Services, Jewish Federation, and Lutheran Social Services, Senior Resource Connection, Family Services Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Dayton Urban League, Unified Health Solutions.

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