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Preble County United Way Golf Tournament Proceeds To Benefit Needy

Tuesday, July 8, 2003 – With an unprecedented demand for services due to the challenging economy and resulting layoffs, more people have turned to the Lutheran Social Service at The Once Around Shop for emergency needs such as food, clothing, and financial assistance.    This vital agency program receives funding from the United Way, but with the increased need the available funds were used up earlier in the year than ever before.

“We were concerned,” Preble County United Way Director Janet Crelin said.   “We did not want people in need to go for so many months without help.”   That’s why Crelin proposed and got approval from the United Way volunteers to   immediately invest the $2,242.80 proceeds from the first-ever Preble County United Way Golf Outing for emergency needs.


The golf outing proceeds will help replace the money lost because Neaton Auto Products Manufacturing   had to cancel their   annual Mud Volleyball Tournament.   It had to be cancelled because the playing fields have been paved over for more employee parking spaces.   Proceeds from this special event always went to the United Way, but the funds typically were distributed the following year through the regular volunteer fund distribution process.

Crelin said the United Way volunteers agreed that the need was too great to wait.   “United Way is committed to making a positive impact on the community.   We know that sometimes requires flexibility to respond quickly to an emerging need.   We are pleased we were able to do so with the assistance of the Eaton Country Club, area business, and all the community supporters who participated in the golf tournament.

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