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United Way to Co-Sponsor Hispanic Marketing Seminar

Dayton, OH, Thursday, June 9, 2005 – United Way of the Greater Dayton Area is co-sponsoring a seminar with LaVERDAD Marketing and Media, a nationally respected Hispanic marketing and research firm, MetLife, and other partners to raise community awareness of the needs and business opportunities that exist with the Hispanic market.


The full-day program, “Understanding the Hispanic Market: Business Opportunity or Matter of Survival” will be held on Friday, June 24 th at the MetLife Campus, 9797 Springboro Pike, in Miamisburg.


“The growth in the Hispanic population is adding to our region's cultural diversity, and with that comes an increased need for us to better understand the needs and aspirations of our newer community members,” said Marc R. Levy, president of the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area. “We believe this opportunity to improve our cultural competency and communication is a worthwhile investment of time for both the nonprofit and business sector.”


United Way's involvement in this seminar reflects the organization's commitment to embracing diversity and addressing emerging needs. As one example, United Way's recent Community Assessment resulted in the funding of a program at East End Community Services to provide advocacy and outreach services to the growing Hispanic neighborhoods in Dayton.

The seminar explores insights into the Hispanic consumer and what every organization should know about the U.S. Hispanic market. It highlights the dynamic changes occurring in the Hispanic market at a local, regional and national level. Participants learn what leading companies such as Procter and Gamble are doing right to win the hearts and minds of Hispanic consumers as well as how to attract potential employees and how to deliver culturally competent communications to the largest and fastest growing market segment in the U.S.


“We are very excited about this year's seminar tour,” said LaVERDAD President and CEO Mike Robinson, a former Procter and Gamble senior manager. “We are working with a world-class team of partners and sponsors. Our collective goal is to raise awareness about the Latino consumer and market so business executives and community leaders can develop better products, brands, services and strategies that improve the lives of Hispanic consumers. These seminars have made a positive impact on the lives of Latino people, and offer participants a competitive advantage needed to compete and win in the growing Hispanic market. We are making a huge impact thanks to the support of industry leaders such as the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area.”


The seminar is open to the community . Register online at or . The cost for advance registration is $99 for corporate executives and $49 for nonprofit executives. Same day registration is $125 for corporate and $75 for nonprofits. The seminar fee includes a continental breakfast and full lunch.


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