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All In A Days Work

The Jordanless Bulls are going to need to do it.
The Bengals should do it.
The Center For Nonprofit Resources at United Way has done it.
Theyve rebuilt.
But how?
Re-establishing their mission was a start. Under the new directorship of Risa Grimes, they began to work towards their role of teaching nonprofits to learn to spend their money more wisely, because donors to agencies expect their money to be well spent.
The staff at the Center made some very essential changes. First they sent out a survey and asked people what they wanted. From that they determined the Center needed to offer a comprehensive training program. And they recruited the persons with the appropriate background to teach the seminars.
They also doubled the number of seminars offered. Now offered are 15 new seminars ranging from Conflict Resolution to Fund-Raising Fundamentals to Team Building 101.
They then went out into the community and struck up some new working partnerships with the Dayton Daily News, and the . And they continue to build on the strong relationship they have with the and .
They will also be getting some help from the folks at who will teach a course on how to produce different cable television shows.
And the Center will even be taking their show on the road. Risa Grimes and Rachel Anderson, the Centers Training Manager, will teach a free course on how to be a board member at Borders Bookstore by the Dayton Mall on March 23, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.
The Center has secured two new grants from the Governors Community Service Council. One will help to develop a youth volunteer initiative and the other will help to promote volunteerism in ten other Ohio counties.
"A lot of times, people have the passion to start a nonprofit agency that will undoubtedly help a segment of needy people," Grimes said. "But more often than not, they dont have the skills required to run the organization."
That is where the Center comes in. And the numerous changes put into effect over the last three months have improved the quality of service the Center provides.