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Living with dignity and independence – that is the goal for most senior citizens.   And United Way funded programs help hundreds achieve that goal.   For 89-year-old Zenobia, the programs that make a difference in her life are provided by the Golden Age Senior Citizen Center in Xenia.  

Zenobia is a composer and retired Associate Professor of Music at Central State University.   She met George Washington Carver and Eleanor Roosevelt while attending and later teaching at Tuskegee Institute and her life and accomplishments literally fill a book.   Yet, Zenobia admits, “Without the center, I’d probably be a recluse.”

Zenobia’s favorite classes are quilting and “arm-chair” fitness.   She often enjoys a hot, nutritious lunch at the center, sometimes playing the piano for others to enjoy after the meal.   These services improve the quality of life for Zenobia, but when times were tougher for her United Way funded services made all the difference.

Not too long ago, Zenobia was in a car accident and had to use a wheel chair.   The center did her grocery shopping for her and delivered her prescriptions.   Golden Age Executive Director Naomi Trout said, “She literally did her therapy here.   She’d exercise in her wheel chair and practice walking.   She’s amazing.   But without United Way funded services like transportation and outreach, it would be a different story for a person like Zenobia.”   Ms. Trout estimates that without United Way funding, those programs would have to be cut in half.

Today Zenobia is back at the quilting frame and using only a walker.   Yet, she still relies on Golden Age to take her shopping and to medical appointments and, in her words, “to connect with the world.”

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