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2005 Funding Priorities
2004 Community Assessment

Priority 2 – Positive Living/Vulnerable Populations

Some needs tend to be more prevalent in specific groups – such as persons with disabilities, those at risk of illness, or the elderly.   Addressing health needs such as affordable health insurance or promoting healthy lifestyles for the population at large are too broad for United Way to make a measurable impact through the volunteer allocated funds, but directing these dollars toward direct services for high-risk populations can have an impact and United Way will partner with others to address the broader needs through advocacy and other efforts.   Maintaining a balanced approach between prevention and intervention, the areas of focus are:

Access to Services – removing barriers such as lack of transportation.

Basic Life-Sustaining Needs for Vulnerable Populations – including medical prescriptions, affordable housing, and adequate nutrition.

Help with Daily Living Activities – supporting independent living.

Mental Health – including counseling services and other treatment.

Supporting Caregivers – providing respite, resources, and assistance.

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