Little Moments, Lasting Memories
Camille lives in Kettering and loves to ride along the miles of Montgomery County bike paths.  Javaughn from Riverside knows the day will come when he will reel in that elusive catfish along the banks of the Mad River.  Ashton gladly supports the local lemonade stand because the owner may one day be her customer.  What do Camille, Javaughn, and Ashton have in common?  These three local adults have fond childhood memories that motivate them to give back.

Camille, Javaughn, and Ashton are all “Bigs”, volunteer mentors with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Miami Valley, a United Way Partner Agency.  Each will tell you that some of their fondest childhood memories are of simple pleasures spent with special people.  Big Brothers Big Sisters calls it “Little Moments Big Magic” … magic that can last a lifetime.

“My Uncle took me fishing almost every week.  I like to recall those days, better yet I love to recreate them with someone else,” said Javaughn.  “It’s not always about what you do, rather that you care enough to do it with them”, said Ashton.

If you think you can or you think you can’t…you are probably right.  This awkward little saying speaks volumes about the influence ‘Bigs’ have upon the lives of their ‘Littles’.  Statistics show a dramatic increase in self-confidence among children who have a Big Brother or Big Sister.  Confident children become successful adults.

With the help of United Way funding, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Miami Valley serves 600 to 1,000 children every year.  Good memories are instrumental in building good lifestyles.  Thanks to generous contributions to the United Way Campaign, Big Brothers Big Sisters is creating special memories today so that children will have confidence, hope, and better lives tomorrow.

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