A Hot Meal and Much More
At the age of 91, Ed attends the Dakota Center daily to enjoy a hot meal served by the Senior Resource Connection.  Due to his age, Ed is facing dementia, along with the crippling loneliness that remains after the death of his wife five years ago.  The Dakota Center has provided Ed a place to visit daily to fight off the loneliness and interact with others.  Without family in the immediate area, Ed is left on his own to meet his nutritional, health, and personal social needs.  This was and still is a main concern for the Dakota Center staff.

One Friday, while the senior congregate meal was being served, the Dakota Staff noticed that Ed had failed to appear.  Alarmed and concerned the staff made a few phone calls.  Soon they discovered that Ed had gone to his barber shop.  It turns out that he had confused the day and thought it was Saturday.

Eventually Ed will need more personal care.  Until then, he will continue to be cared for by the Dakota Center staff as they take the appropriate steps to ensure his welfare.   Right now, to maintain the current level of care, the staff keeps in constant contact with Ed’s daughter and has one of his close neighbors watch him on the weekends.

All of these services are made possible by contributions to the United Way which supports both the Dakota Center and Senior Resource Connection.  Without these vital services and assistance, Ed would not have the security provided by the agency staff members who are so dedicated to his welfare and safety.

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