United Way Helps Make Camp Possible for Youngsters with Lung Disease
Jeremy is 13 years old and has severe lung disease.  Because of his condition, he was never able to participate in any type of outdoor activities.  Many times he was put on portable oxygen just to get through the day.

Then his mother contacted the American Lung Association, a United Way Partner Agency and the oldest non profit health agency in the United States.  The ALA provides research, education and advocacy to people with chronic lung disease.

Through Jeremy’s school nurse, his mother had heard about an Asthma Camp sponsored by the Lung Association.  At the camp Jeremy instantly bonded with the staff and was able to stay the entire week as his severe asthma was kept under control.   He was able to participate in activities he’d never had the chance to participate in before – swimming, hiking, rifling, archery, arts and crafts, nature center, boating, climbing wall, and horseback riding.

Without United Way funding the Asthma Camp would not have been available because it is not part of the ALA’s normal operating budget.  Fortunately, Jeremy and other youngsters with lung disease can get both the care they need and the fun they deserve.

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