United Way Helps Open the World for Children with Disabilities
Diagnosed with Autism, Kevin was almost 3 when he came to Adventures in Movement (AIM), a movement education program designed to help individuals with disabilities reach their highest potential.  He wasn’t speaking or engaging with people or playing appropriately with toys.  He was unable to focus, follow one-word directions, or verbalize any comprehensible language.  He made little to no eye contact.  He was in his own world spending time spinning objects, climbing, and lining objects in neat little rows.

Now Kevin is 11 years old and has attended AIM for eight years.  While at AIM, Kevin improved both his receptive and expressive language.  He began to acknowledge staff members verbally, used “please” and “thank you” appropriately and began to use two- to five-word sentences in simple conversation.  His eye contact also improved tremendously.  Today Kevin attends school in a regular classroom, plays sports, is in the drama club, and interacts with his peers.  He is now able to express emotions and tell you why he is happy or mad.

AIM works with individuals of all ages and with all types of disabilities (hearing and visual impairments, emotional and learning disorders, and physical disabilities).  The AIM Method of Specialized Movement is based upon four levels of movement.  Each level is completed to music.  All of their services are offered free of charge and no individual is ever turned away.

One of the reasons that AIM is able to provide this invaluable service is funding through the United Way.  AIM, Goodwill Easter Seals, and United Rehabilitation Services are just a few of the United Way Partner Agencies working to open the world of possibilities and improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities.

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