Harding Place Helps with Road to Recovery
John is 48 years old.  He had recently been released from incarceration, was homeless, unemployed, and hopeless.  On top of this he also faced legal problems, drug and alcohol dependency, and family issues.  Fortunately, he landed at Harding Place, a United Way Partner Agency, that provides transitional housing in Greene County.

When John first arrived, his self-esteem was very low; he was scared and angry.  Through a dedicated support system including the AA 12-step program and services from the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, John began to regain his confidence and move towards reclaiming his life.  John has cultivated a level of trust with the staff and is comfortable asking questions and sharing his thoughts and dreams.  He continues to work hard at his successful recovery program.

Throughout John’s stay at Harding Place, the staff watched him bloom and start to take charge of his life.  They watched him develop hope.  He found a job that he has held for almost a year.  He has become a positive role model, his confidence level is soaring, and his life is back on track.

Harding Place worked and continues to work with many United Way Partner Agencies to guarantee future success stories like John’s.  Harding Place collaborates with Clothes That Work for suitable interviewing clothes, Family Violence Prevention Center for support groups, and Legal Aide of Western Ohio for legal assistance.

Harding Place is a refuge that provides a safe environment for those in need, where they have the opportunity to take a look at their life and evaluate it.  If they decide to change how they are living – if they want to improve their lives – they have the opportunity and support systems at Harding Place to make those improvements happen.

Without funding from the United Way, there would be no stopping place for these people in need.  This type of funding helps provide a structured environment with a comprehensive case management program for people in need throughout the Greene County area.

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