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Logos for your web site

Conditions of use

You are free to place these logos on your corporate Internet, Extranet or Intranet site if you meet the following conditions:

  1. These logos are always linked exclusively to dayton-unitedway.org or to dayton-unitedway.org/pledge
  2. You company either conducts an employee giving campaign or gives a corporate donation to the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area.
  3. Logos are place on your main web pages and not utilized in pop-up or pop-under pages.
  4. These logos may not be used in any print materials.
  5. You agree to immediately remove the logo(s) if asked to do so by the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area.
  6. No text may be placed within 1 standard line of the top or bottom of the logo nor may any text be placed within 10 pixels of the left or right of the logo.
  7. By placing any of the logos contained herein on your web site you agree to these conditions.

If you meet these criteria you may place the banners on your page using either of the following methods.

Placement Methods
Preferred method:  Link to the graphic using the URL given.  Hyperlink using https://dayton-unitedway.org

Alternate method:  Right click the banner graphic and save to your computer, then use it to hyperlink to https://dayton-unitedway.org.

Logo Options

Logo Link
dayton-unitedway.org/tools_4_companies/images/NewLogos/FullColor UWGDAsmall.JPG
dayton-unitedway.org/tools_4_companies/images/NewLogos/OneColor BlackUWGDAsmall.JPG
dayton-unitedway.org/tools_4_companies/images/NewLogos/OneColorBlue UWGDAsmall.JPG



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