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United Way Announces Recipients of IBM 2003 Technology Grants

Three local non-profit agencies received new computers as part of IBM 2003 Technology Grants. United Way of the Greater Dayton Area distributed two Young Explorer systems and two IBM NetVista computers among United Rehabilitation Services, Family Service Association’s Children Services for the Deaf and Jeremiah’s Letter.

“The IBM Technology Grants are bringing more than $6,000 in technology to our community to help enhance our network of services,” said Marc Levy, President, United Way of the Greater Dayton Area.   “Through this program, children and adults who wouldn’t normally have access to computers will become comfortable using them as learning tools.”

In order to be eligible for the computers, agencies have to provide services in youth education opportunities/early learning programs, community and family services, support for the disabled/disadvantaged, adult services, and/or youth development programs.

Reflecting its commitment to education, IBM’s has donated Young Explorer systems and IBM NetVista computers nationally to promote computer education to areas of the population who otherwise wouldn’t have access.

IBM Representative Gary Hansen with United Rehabilitation Services

IBM Representative Gary Hansen with Family Service Association

IBM Representative Gary Hansen with Jeremiah's Letter

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