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Report to Stakeholders

February 2003

The transformation of your local United Way is in process –as we continue to talk with you and listen every step of the way.   We’ve shared with you the new direction and our commitment to focus on United Way’s core business of mobilizing the community on behalf of a network of health and human services .   Here’s how we’re putting that vision into action.

Reductions and Realignment to Put the Maximum Dollars to Services

The current economic conditions had an impact on our campaign.   Any reduction in funding creates additional hardships for our agencies at a time when more people are seeking services.   In an effort to pass on to our outcome partners as much of the campaign proceeds as possible, United Way reduced its own staff and in other ways cut its own budget by 6.3%.   With a market share increase in the Community Solutions Funds and our own significant budget cuts we were able to lessen the impact on our partner agencies of the overall 6% reduction in the 2002 Campaign to less than 2.6%.   The outcome of these decisions is more dollars to services than the climate might have allowed.   With the needs greater than ever, it was the right thing to do.

We have also realigned and redirected more internal resources to mobilize the community and strengthen the campaign.   Staff have been moved from both Marketing and Community Partnerships to the Financial Resources Development Department.   These changes increase the total fundraising staff team, while integrating marketing and community human services expertise and perspectives into the annual campaign effort to strengthen the case for giving.   The Community Partnerships staff was reduced from eight to four, with a professional position devoted to each of the key areas of Fund Distribution and Agency Relations, Community Planning, and Community Initiatives.   These individuals will report to the Vice President of Marketing and Community Investment to help make our process more community and donor driven.

Allocations to Support a Core Safety Network of Services

The Allocations Task Force has adopted the following principles.   United Way will:

Support a clearly defined core safety network of agencies and programs.

Allocate funds on behalf of both a core safety network and unmet and emerging health and human service needs/issues.

Encourage collaborative efforts to address health and human services issues.

Ensure our processes are understandable, accessible, and equitable to all involved.

Accomplish this work ensuring the effectiveness of programs funded.

Now we are working to make sure our fund distribution process as we move forward really meets these principles.   We are also beginning dialogues to define “What is core?” – what comprises a core safety network for this community.   We will be compiling a needs assessment, working with partners and existing resources in the three-county area, then use the findings to set priorities for United Way funding in 2004 and beyond.

In January the Board of Directors approved the Community Partnerships Council recommendation to move the allocations process from a pre-campaign to a post-campaign timeframe.   This change will let agencies and the fund distribution volunteers know what resources are actually available, and help United Way and the agencies make a stronger case for the best way to make a difference.   This is just one of many concrete ways we are working to strengthen our partnerships with agencies and donors.

We’ve hit the ground running in 2003.   Please remember how much we need your support…and your input.   If the issues are out in the open, we can work together to address them.   Call, write a note, or send an email (225-3014,   Keep the communication lines open because this is your United Way.

Marc R. Levy, President

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