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Report to Stakeholders

March 31, 2003

Dear Stakeholders:

I am writing this special letter to be sure you are aware of what has been announced over the past few days and also to update you on some actions that are in the planning stages.   Your local United Way is staying focused on our core mission as communicated earlier – mobilizing the human and financial resources on behalf of a network of health and human services programs and organizations.

Recently we made a joint announcement with the American Red Cross about services and programs for individuals and families impacted by the war.   This effort is being done in support of the Red Cross role and mandate to provide Aid to Military Families and is consistent with our long history of partnership together.   The United Way HelpLink has established a dedicated phone line so that any individual in need can call one number and be linked to both the Red Cross expertise and United Way’s HelpLink information and referral services and data base.   This ensures easy access, coordination, and a caring system of services for those who probably have never had to ask for help.

You also may have heard that together with our long-time partners and supporters at the AFL-CIO Central Labor Council and the Dayton Building and Construction Trades we have developed a volunteer initiative of neighbors helping neighbors .   The intent is to offer home repairs to military dependents impacted by war if an emergency need arises.   If there is a need for electrical, plumbing, carpentering or other problems, then a skilled trades volunteer will be available to help.

In addition, we are working with all of our partner organizations to be sure the network of services is ready and able to respond to current and potential increases in demand for services.   This network can include financial counseling, transportation, social or recreational programs, day care – whatever the need demands.   A number of our partner agencies have already seen an increase in such requests for services by family members of military personnel recently deployed.   We are also engaged in contingency planning to be prepared for whatever options are required during these times of uncertainty.

It is because of your support through the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area that we have this core network of agencies and programs.   Without these outstanding organizations and invaluable services, it would be virtually impossible to put them in place when the circumstances demand.

The needs are continuing to grow.   Your support through the United Way and together with others in a united way is vital to our community.   Rest assured that we are working to be sure that every dollar is making a difference in people’s lives and every hour of people’s time is helping where needs are the greatest.

Please feel free to call me at 225-3014 or if you have any comments or questions.   Thank you for being a part of your local United Way .

Marc R. Levy, President

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