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Calendar of Events

Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio 12th Annual MUD Volleyball
for Epilepsy.
Saturday, July 13

Volunteers are needed the day of the event and the day after for clean-up.
Projects include:
The day of the event:
Parking cars - at least 10 people are needed for this
Selling admission tickets
Checking coolers (no alcohol is allowed to be brought in)
Selling raffle tickets, t-shirts, sno-cones, soda, etc.
Picking up trash
Watering volleyball courts
Assist volleyball refs by getting their score sheets, taking them
refreshments etc
Selling beer
This year we may also have a MUD Survivor contest and we'd need help running
the different contests for them

Day after the event:
Pick up trash, the players leave behind shoes, clothing, towels etc.
Help to take down volleyball nets
Take apart the pumps, showers and hoses (used to water courts)
Take down and roll up orange fences
Wash volleyballs etc
Pack up equipment etc.
Contact Janine Poppa, 800-360-3296 or 937-233-2500