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United Way Makes Funding Decisions

July 16, 2002 - Volunteers for United Way of the Greater Dayton Area have recommended eight new programs for funding in 2003. These and all funding decisions for next year are contingent on the results of the 2002 United Way Campaign, particularly the dollars available for United Way volunteers to invest. The campaign will run from September 5th to November 14th.

"We are hopeful the community will respond to these new and growing needs by continuing and increasing their support," United Way President Marc Levy said. "Your gifts through the United Way will fund programs that make a difference in people's lives. And our agencies are able to leverage these allocations to attract additional dollars."

The new programs recommended for funding in 2003 are:
" " Protecting Our Youth, AIDS Foundation Miami Valley - $30,000 to provide increased awareness of HIV/AIDS to local youth through collaboration with existing youth programs.
" " Street Outreach, Daybreak - $46,000 to improve the health and safety of "couch hopping" youth who live on the street or move from house to house with friends and relatives.
" " Violence Free Youth, Daybreak - $50,000 to provide a free conflict resolution and violence prevention program to high risk youth at 10 schools and 7 community sites.
" " East End Community Building Project, East End Community Services - $15,000 to help neighborhood leaders address issues such as safety and economic development.
" " Families and School Together (FAST), Family Service Association - $25,000 to enhance family functioning, promote success in school, prevent substance abuse, and reduce stress from daily life.
" " Handicapped & Elderly Law Project (HELP), Legal Aid Society - $39,000 to provide legal representation for low-income elderly and disabled individuals.
" " Academic Success, Wesley Community Center - $25,000 to provide academic mentoring (primarily by Delphi engineers) for West Dayton youth.
" " Women's Technology & Resource Center, YWCA of Dayton - $35,000 to equip homeless women with basic computer skills and link them to economic self-sufficiency programs.

This year $6.2 million was distributed to 106 programs provided by 54 agencies. The need expressed by the agencies for 2003 exceeded $9 million. If the 2002 Campaign and discretionary dollars grow, any additional funds will support several new programs and lessen the gap between needs and available resources for selected ongoing programs that have demonstrated impressive results.

110 volunteers from Montgomery, Greene and Preble Counties spent more than 2,200 hours of service preparing for and participating in the funding conferences, then deliberating over the community needs and agency proposals to develop their recommendations. They based their funding decisions on community needs, the potential impact of United Way dollars, and measurable outcomes. Agencies are required to have evaluation processes in place to track and report their progress and make program improvements based on their findings. Final distribution to the funded programs will be announced in January 2003.