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The purpose of this program is to provide Case Consultation Services to Faith Based organizations.


Use of Service

"  Referral(s) provided for traditional requests (emergency food, etc)

"  Information provided (telephone number, etc.)

"  Explore other options, when no service is available.


Case Consultation

"  In-depth telephone conferencing with HelpLink 2-1-1 staff about request(s).

"  Review and develop ways to strengthen benevolent efforts.

"  Research available resources for untraditional requests.

"  Advocating


Benefits to the churches:

"  Ability to better serve members of faith based organizations and/or the community.

"  Reduce workload for staff and volunteer(s) of faith-based organizations.

"  Reduce duplication of service(s).

"  Participating faith-based organizations will get first choice at 2 future trainings.

"  Receive monthly usage report.

"  Receive data on trends of emergency assistance

"  Some aspects of the consultation service can be tailored.

"  HelpLink 2-1-1 staff understands and has the professional expertise to provide information and referralservices to handle a variety of emergency situations.

"  Ability to call HelpLink 2-1-1 regarding requests received.


HelpLink 2-1-1 will:

  • Provide a designated telephone line(s) (937) 910-6057.
  • Staff the telephone line from_____ to ______( hours TBD ) ___ days per week (days TBD). Hours and days optional per organization.
  • Provide additional telephone line(s) if warranted.
  • Have professional and experienced staff available to handle call(s).
  • Assess each call based on the need(s) presented by client or faith-based organization.
  • Make referral(s)
  • Advocate for client(s) when necessary
  • Assure the confidentiality of all consultation services.
  • Provide training about the Case Consultation Program to participating organizations.
  • Handle and complete most requests within 24 hours
  • Handle and complete difficult requests within 2-3 working days.
  • Report the outcome of each request.
  • Provide monthly report to participating organizations.
  • Hold quarterly meetings to address concerns and/or changes needed.


Responsibilities of all parties:

"  Provide information as requested

"  To work cooperatively together.

"  Provide primary contact information


The Support Services Alliance of the Miami Valley is a faith-based collaborative that helps coordinate health and human services to people in need.


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