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50 Theobald Court

Dayton, OH  45410

(937) 395-4600

Provides emergency shelter, food, counseling and support services for homeless, runaway, and pushed out youth including crisis hotline, transitional housing, street outreach, and violence prevention programming.


Programs funded with your donations

Program Name
Program Description
2005-06 Funding
Emergency Shelter for Youth Daybreak provides 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, food, clothing, personal care items, and prevention programming and mental health services for runaway, throwaway and homeless youth.
Homeward Bound Homeward Bound decreases youth homelessness by using the crisis line to deescalate family conflicts without shelter and by providing intensive post-shelter follow-up services.
Street Outreach Street Outreach promotes healthier lifestyles among homeless youth by helping them: 1) decrease risk-taking behaviors, 2) access health services, and 3) secure safe housing.
Violence Free Youth Violence Free Youth decreases family violence and youth homelessness by building developmental assets that reduce negative youth behaviors and family conflict (causal factors of homelessness).


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