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184 Salem Avenue

Dayton, OH 45406

(937) 222-9481

(937) 222-7921

Strengthens families and communities by empowering them through counseling, education, and advocacy; services for the deaf; and child abuse prevention.

Programs funded with your donations

Program Name
Program Description
2005-06 Funding
Community Services for the Deaf To assist people with a hearing loss and their families, maximizing their abilities and resources for self-responsibility, self-advocacy and quality of life.
Counseling Services / SCAN

The clinical counseling program works with individuals, partners, families and groups by providing counseling and removing barriers that are the result of mental health issues. 

SCAN provides counseling for youth and adult survivors of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, or exploitation, domestic violence intervention with victims and perpetrators.

Families and Schools Together Montgomery County (FAST) FAST is a collaborative effort between the school and the community to strengthen families and enhance family involvement both the school and the community.
Neighborhood Development Program The Neighborhood Development Program's goal is to build consensus for change among community residents by grassroots organizing, leadership development and implementation of community projects.



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