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United Way Jeopardy


Have you always wanted to be on a game show?   Here's your chance.   Use the following questions to play United Way Jeopardy with your employees and learn about how your donations through the Community Solutions Fund help our neighbors in need.


RULE:   The only rule is to have FUN!



Category:                 Agencies


Answer:               These agencies have been helping boys and girls become good citizens for years.

Question:               What are the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts?


Answer:               This agency responds to local and national disasters.

Question:               What is the American Red Cross?


Answer:               This agency provides home nursing care and mobile meals.

Question:               What is the Visiting Nurses Association?


Answer:              United Way funds several of these agencies so that low-income parents can work or go to school.

Question:               What is day care (or child care)?


Answer:               This agency helps disadvantaged adults get jobs.

Question:               What is the Dayton Urban League?



Category:        Critical Need Areas Funded through United Way


Answer:               This Area of Need focuses on preventing disease and taking care of your self.

Question:               What is Health Issues?


Answer:              This Area of Need focuses on nurturing children and youth to help them achieve their full potential.

Question:               What is Nurturing Youth?


Answer:               This Area if Need focuses on strengthening the family unit.

Question:               What is Strengthening Families?


Answer:               This Area of Need serves senior citizens and persons with special needs.

Question:               What is Elderly and Disabled?


Answer:              This Area of Need removes barriers to employment and helps people become productive, contributing members of our community.

Question:               What is Economic Self-Sufficiency?



Category:   United Way History


Answer:               United Way of the Greater Dayton Area serves these three counties.

Question:               What are Montgomery, Greene and Preble?


Answer:               This is the 2003 Campaign theme.

Question:               What is “Together We Get To The Heart of What Matters”.


Answer:               Our local United Way was founded the year after the Great Dayton Flood.

Question:               What is 1914?


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