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By simply reading the 2004 Community Assessment you can increase your awareness of our community’s characteristics and gain a better understanding of why families and individuals in your community have a need for a strong core network of services. Reading the literature and data research in the report can answer questions, like how many area residents live in poverty? How many people have lost their homes to foreclosure? What do experts say are the most common needs being felt by families and individuals today? How many single fathers are raising children alone?  How much money does our community spend on mental health treatment?

Whether you are just interested in increasing your awareness about the characteristics of your community, trying to write a grant, or making decisions on how to improve your business or community, your local United Way hopes the 2004 Community Assessment will help answer questions and increase your understanding of the numerous health and human service issues affecting the residents of Montgomery, Greene, and Preble Counties.

If you have questions, comments, or additional data that you would like to share with the United Way, please contact Melonya Cook by phone at (937) 225-3058 or via .

Download the Complete Assessment

Download the Executive Summary

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