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Making a financial commitment is a great way you can contribute to the well-being of our community.

Another is volunteering your time.

A third way-one we tend to overlook-is speaking out on issues.

Each year our representatives in Columbus and Washington consider hundreds of pieces of legislation that affect the health and welfare of our community. Not all of those bills have to do with tax support for services. Many more have to do with such issues as child support, insurance coverage, and charitable giving.

Throughout the legislative process many voices are heard. Often they are voices of paid lobbyists whose clients stand to benefit or be harmed by legislation. Rarely, are they the voices of lobbyists paid to represent the interests of citizens most in need of help.

The collective voice of people like you can, however, be a powerful force in shaping how our leadership responds to the needs of everyone.

This part of our website has been designed to bring to your attention important happenings in our community, in our legislature, and in government agencies; to provide you with the background information necessary to develop an informed position; and, to help direct your opinions and comments to the right people.

It is to give a collective voice to those desiring to be heard.

Check our site frequently for updates on what is going at home, in Columbus, and Washington. Keep informed. Speak out!

Their very silence is a loud cry.
Marcus Cicero, 106-43 B.C.