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April 2004


2004 promises to be a great year, and your United Way is gearing up to do all we can to ensure success.   We are:

Reviewing Agency Partnership applications.
Preparing for the new streamlined allocations process that will be piloted this month.
Recruiting volunteers to serve in many different roles in our new Community Partnerships structure.
Analyzing the results of our first Community Forum and compiling additional data for the refinement of our Community Assessment of local health and human service needs and assets.
Rolling out a new policy for donor allocated dollars.
And, of course, ramping up for the 2004 Campaign.


If that sounds as if we barely have time to catch our breath around here, you're right!   But the volunteers and staff are energized by your encouragement and support as we work together to mobilize the community on behalf of a safety network of health and human services.


Agency Partnerships and Allocations

About 20 local nonprofit organizations, beyond the current 52 funded agencies, have indicated interest in becoming a Partner Agency in 2004.   Soon the Organizational Review Committee will recommend to the Community Partnership Council and Board of Directors those organizations meeting the standards and compatible with our mission

and priorities for this first round of our new open, inclusive process.


In March the Board took action on the recommendation from the Community Partnerships Council on the distribution of dollars in the Community Solutions Fund for the 2004-2005 funding cycle.   Based on the new Priority Areas, 55% of available funds will support programs for Children, Youth and Families , 25% will support Positive Living/Vulnerable Populations , and 20% will build Community Capacity .   This distribution reflects the current pattern to provide a transition for the funded agencies as we refine our priorities and move to a three-year funding cycle next year.


Proposals for these priorities were accepted through the first of April.   The Partner Agencies need about $7 million in program funding through the Community Solutions Fund, yet only $5.9 million will be available.   Your continued generous support and active endorsement of the 2004 Campaign can close that gap before the first three-year funding process occurs next year.


Community Forum

Your United Way partnered with Wright State University Center for Urban and Public Affairs and students in their Capstone graduate program to hold a Community Forum at Sinclair College in February.   More than 100 representatives from Partner Agencies, other local health and human service organizations, foundations, companies, organized labor, schools, government, faith-based institutions, and other interested volunteers and citizens participated.   These findings, along with additional data compiled this year, will be published this summer and will be used to refine our priorities for the 2005-2008 funding cycle.


Donor Allocations Policy

The primary purpose of the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area is to mobilize financial and human resources for a defined network of vital health and human services in our three-county area.   Your United Way is also committed to meeting the donor expectation that the maximum dollars go to support services.   With these tenets in mind, the Board accepted the recommendations of the Designations Task Force.   The new policy is called the Donor Allocations Policy to reflect our belief that dollars given through the United Way can be allocated in two ways – by volunteers through the Community
Solutions Fund and by donors directing them to a specific priority area or agency.   The task force worked hard to develop a policy that supports our mission, satisfies donors, and is fair and equitable to all.


Excitement in Store for 2004

All of these changes and activities are in direct response to your input.   As always, I want to thank you for your continued support and ask you to help us bring more supporters into your United Way this year.   The economy is picking up, we've listened and responded, the needs are greater than ever – all this positions us for a strong rebound in 2004 and beyond.   Please help us make this the best year ever!




Marc R. Levy, President



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