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 Outcome Areas - Effective Nonprofits

Support a regional information network, volunteerism, and joint efforts to reduce fragmentation and duplication of services. Encourage working together and provide training to enhance each nonprofit agency's ability to serve people in need.

Program Agency 2000
Consideration of Organization Restructuring AIDS Foundation Miami Valley $0 $15,589
Disaster Planning, Preparedness American Red Cross $703,459 $205,850
Emergency Food Bank American Red Cross $0 $32,220
Volunteer Resources American Red Cross $343,179 $0
The Center for Nonprofit Resources Center for Nonprofit Resources $150,094 $151,124
Family Advocacy Program Family Service Association $24,786 $24,956
Self Help Clearinghouse Family Service Association $12,393 $12,478
Family Violence Collaborative of Artemis & YWCA Family Violence Collaborative (FVC) $37,179 $37,434
Information and Referral Service HelpLink $447,649 $450,721
Miami Valley Teen Coalition Miami Valley Teen Coalition $28,917 $29,115
The Merging of Two Youth Serving Agencies Partnership for Youth $15,483 $0
Adult and Family Literacy Network Management Project READ, Sinclair Community College $3,576 $3,601
  Total by Outcome Area: $1,766,715 $963,088