Diamond Donors
United Way of the Greater Dayton Area has launched a Diamond Donors Association to recognize loyal contributors who have supported United Way and its forerunners - the Community Chest , Red Feather, and United Fund - for 25 years or more.

You may have begun supporting United Way by earning a red feather pin for collecting dimes in elementary school. You may have given through payroll deduction for years at your workplace. Unfortunately, before the widespread use of computers, United Way did not receive the names of our contributors. Companies collected the pledges, and then passed them on through one collective check to United Way. Since we do not have records of individual giving reaching back 25 years, we are asking these loyal donors to make us aware of this wonderful history of generosity.

Please think about your own situation. If you have been giving for 25 years (not necessarily consecutively and not necessarily in just one community), please let us know by joining the Diamond Donors Association. We want to thank our loyal, long term contributors, recognize you, and make sure you know just how valuable you are!

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